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Customer Reviews


Very good service. I am well received and the people talk to me calmly, in a welcoming manner without any discrimination.

Julian Louis D’Offay

I personally find the service very good. The lady (Ms. Malbrook) has been very helpful. I believe she will always improve for the best. She has been very patient and nice to me.

Excellent professional welcome and attitude. Every staff member is friendly and has a warm disposition. Well done, good empathy.

Mrs. Veronica Lanza

We are extremely satisfied with the way the Commission is so far conducting the Truth, Reconciliation process. The professionalism is extremely exceptional. We hope at the end both parties involved will find justice which they truly deserved.

Lewis and Juliana Betsy

It’s my second visit to this office and I am impressed with the welcome and prompt service. A very friendly atmosphere is felt. Hope it endures!

Helm Sounardin

Let me take the opportunity to congratulate the Commission on the excellent job it is doing. Keep it up. There will be a lot of intimidation by the guilty parties but do not let that deter you.

Mr. Didier Confait

Needless to say that in spite of all the many challenges, you are doing a great job. I understand that you have got your job cut out and that you are all very busy.

Mrs. Dora Scott

I am so grateful for the TRNUC because I waited 43 years to freely express the atrocities and the violation of my human rights by the State that happened to me regarding the disappearance of my father Gilbert Morgan. What the TRNUC is doing is a very complex since not everyone who did wrong can admit. It makes it very hard to work with that.

Thank you,

Ms. Sharon Morgan

Thanks for your support, understanding, empathy and keeping us posted on our cases.

Mr. Kenneth Sherwin



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