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Job Summary:  The Truth Reconciliation and National Unity Commission is mandated to investigate complaints filed before it alleging violations of human rights related to the coup d’etat of 1977.  Commission investigators work with complainants and carry out investigative activities under the supervision and direction of the Commissioners.  Commission investigators also assist the Commission in the interview of suspects and other persons that have relevant information to share with the Commission regarding the complaints before it and with respect to establishing and understanding the context in which those complaints occurred.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:  The Commission has five investigators each of which is responsible for approximately 80 to 100 cases under the direct supervision of one of the Commissioners and under the overall supervision of the Chairperson who provides the overall strategy and direction on investigative steps in relation to complaints filed before it.

The main task of an investigator with the Commission is the taking of statements, transcription of those statements into the working language of the Commission of English and requesting information from information providers relevant to the determination of cases filed before it.  Investigators are also required to follow up and implement directions, investigative leads and other requests of the Chairperson in an efficient and expeditious manner and within set deadlines.

Minimum Requirements:  The Commission seeks a hard-working, self-motivated, professional and responsive individual to join its team of investigators. The successful applicant will demonstrate a proven ability to follow and implement instructions and be of high personal and professional integrity. The successful applicant should have a proven ability to work as a member of a team and a track record of demonstrating respect for others. The successful applicant should have the ability to organize large volumes of material, the capacity to identify and implement organizational objectives, and be willing to work in stressful and demanding conditions in a fast-paced environment.  Previous experience as an investigator is highly desirable.  The successful applicant must have excellent command of English and Creole.




Interested Applicants, kindly forward CV, Certificates by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For more information, please call:  4290399


Closing date: Thursday 13th May 2021


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